I said YES

I was 17 when the woman whose hair I was washing stopped me mid small talk, told me I was too intelligent to sweep hair and asked if I’d like to come to her office for an interview.

I don’t think I’d ever been inside an office except perhaps one that my mum might have cleaned alongside her day job.

My teen years were a brutal haze of dissociation (and the odd fun jungle rave.) I’d been expelled from school two years earlier, and I had 4 GCSEs. And no office clothes.
But I went to her office.

“Answer the phone” she said. I did. “Start Monday” she said. I did.

And that was my first break. A job as office junior for Connie filippello, then publicist to Mariah Carey, George Michael rest his soul and Versace who was also alive then. .
Connie saw me, extended a hand and I grasped it. I showed up even though every fibre within me whispered I didn’t belong. I allowed myself to be exposed, risked rejection and backed myself. Cos honestly the alternative doesn’t bare thinking about.

A 17 year old kid from a council estate. There were many challenges, of course there were. But I kept showing up even when I wanted to skulk back into the ‘safety’ of smallness and obscurity. And I’m still reaping the rewards of that first YES to a bigger life, today.

Just a handful of years later having leveraged that early belief in myself and completing a degree in Journalism and many, many hours of unpaid work experience, I was flown to New York to interview Mariah Carey for a magazine cover story, in a penthouse overlooking manhattan in the early hours.

My life prospects had transformed from survival on benefits in a tower block with my baby, to one of real promise.

THIS is the transformative power of visibility. It’s not about ego. It’s about trusting that we are enough and that it’s safe to be seen, even when we feel ill equipped or unready.

I’m taking a small group of women small business owners through an 8 month programme working with me to radically transform their reality through visibility. If you’re ready to back yourself I’d love to speak.

Click here to learn more about my Transformational Visibility Academy.

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  1. Aleksandra Sasha Horwood

    I really love to read and learn more about you ever since Leigh told me about your journey. Very inspiring! You can really be so proud of yourself and your life. Thanks for making it possible for others to discover or reconnect with the strength they have deep in their hearts.


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