Becoming Personal Brand YOU

Becoming Personal Brand You

“Consciously building your personal brand is about deciding who you want to be in and for the world, then taking active steps to bring that idea of you into existence.”

When I talk to clients about building their personal brand, it is so much bigger and deeper than just creating an image by which the world will perceive them. It’s much more than the creation of a media kit, some press shots and a logo. Consciously building your personal brand is about deciding who you want to be in and for the world, then taking active steps to bring that idea of you into existence.

Observe and acknowledge the gap between who and where you are today and draw up a route map which becomes the bridge over which you will cross, in order to step into the you of your tomorrow. It’s likely you’ll need support and tools to help you across the bridge – be prepared to do whatever it takes to engage them.

That bridge often requires a leap of faith, for often the space between our today and our inspired tomorrow can seem significant. But reflect on how far you’ve come, the bridges that you have already crossed and it becomes easier to consider the possibility that everything you want for yourself you can bring to fruition.

My solid faith in the fact that we can breathe life into the bigger version of our self, stems not from philosophy, but from sheer life experience. For I have crossed long and winding bridges in my own life to transform it practically and spiritually.

Our personal brand when simplified, is who we are for others. The way that we work, where and when we work, how much it costs to work with us are all secondary to how we serve and impact our clients and customers. Decide who you want to be, then cultivate the habits and actions needed to step into that best self by allowing the very qualities and wisdom which already reside within you, to be expressed.

Brand you is not the blurb on your ‘About us’ page or the bio in your social media platforms. You are your brand. The key, is to awaken to the fact that we can consciously create that best self by focussing our energies in the areas of our desires, and taking consistent action in the direction of who we are yet to become.

As we make this investment in ourselves, we begin to see the fruits of our sustained efforts, and life evolves from a reactive existence to a real-world expression of all that is meaningful to us. There is no greater gift that we can give ourselves than to stop, connect with who we are truly supposed to be, and embark on the adventure of bringing that best, bold and bigger self to life.

Any other way of living is a compromise too great to bear, for no matter how much we might plaster over the whispers of our soul’s true calling, the silent pull towards who we were always supposed to be, will remain.




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