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Writing a book is so much more than the end product. I believe sharing your message is one of the greatest gifts we can honour ourselves with because you really need to carve out a space of presence to go inward and tell your story. Whether you want to share it with the world or simply experience the magic of the process, it’s an unparalleled life moment and one I believe everyone could benefit from. My 12-week Bigger Than A Book programme will help you reconnect with who you are, heal old wounds and unearth the rare gems of brilliance that could only come from you.

Do you have a great idea that needs shaping into a book proposal?

Telling your story through a book is an expansive process that will help you unlock and deepen your thought leadership. I’ll teach you how to express the incredible insights you’ve gained as a result of your unique life experiences and plan how to share that with the world.

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Jessica Huie MBE is an entrepreneur and best-selling author, who enjoyed a glittering career as a journalist and publicist, working with some of the world’s biggest names, including Kelly Rowland, Samuel L. Jackson, Hilary Devey and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

Committed to supporting purpose-driven business owners shine a light on their meaningful work, she finds joy in helping others discover what is truly possible when we put our soul into everything we produce.


Joining my Bigger Than A Book programme will help you discover untapped personal and professional inspiration and highlight opportunities that no amount of strategising could predict. Embracing this heightened level of visibility will open up new profitable pathways for your business, inspire off-shoot programmes to emerge and create PR opportunities that will broaden your reach.

If you follow the recommended schedule, you’ll leave the programme with:

At least three complete chapters of your book.

Jessica Huie

To ensure you make a significant start on your book writing adventure, you’ll need to commit a minimum of six hours per month to the programme, which will include a two-hour group session and at least four hours of writing time. Those who choose to add additional one-on-one time working with me will need to allocate more time accordingly.

You’ll also receive five hours of complimentary bonus training as part of your course. This will include:

  • Your Journey, Your Message With Jessica Huie
  • How To Speak Your Truth Without Diluting Your Message With Jessica Huie & Yemi Penn
  • How To Start Writing Your Book With Jessica Huie & Siobhan Curham
Jessica Huie

Find the power in your story.

Whether you’re established and Dragon’s Den’s next star or a micro-business keen to expand your audience, I can help.

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