Bigger than a Book

 Begin your book writing adventure…

I believe that telling our story is one of the greatest gifts

we can honour ourselves with.


Writing a book is soooo much more than the end product.

To carve out a space of presence to go inward in order to tell our story and its message – whether with a view to sharing it with the world or simply for the magic of the process… is a life moment.

Since PURPOSE was first published by Hay House in 2018 I’ve had the honour of working with multiple individuals all intent on birthing their own books into the world. The process of acting as midwife to their story sees me in my ultimate flow. I adore this work and the power of it runs deep.


And it’s so much bigger than the book…

There’s the tangible benefits of course;


  • The opportunities which will present themselves which you couldn’t possibly predict or strategise
  • The unlocking and deepening of our unique IP – our thought leadership…the stuff only we could possibly know as a result of our unique experiences. As we tell our story we are reconnected to exactly what it is that we have to say and share
  • The speaking opportunities and visibility opportunities that are created as a result of your courageous visibility
  • The new profitable pathways which emerge through inspired off-shoot programmes
  • The PR opportunities and all that they present…the adventure of new possibilities that visibility opens up

But so much more than this…

Telling your story through your book is a sacred traverse through your life journey.

A reconnection to who you are and all that you have to share. The very writing of the book is both healing and expansive (for one begets the other) 

To tell our story is to acknowledge self.

Your invitation…

I’m inviting no more than 12 individuals to join me over six sacred hours and twelve weeks to write (or at least make a significant start) on their book writing adventure

You’ll need to commit a minimum of 6 hours per month to join me 2 hours for the session and 4 hours of writing time – (a little more for those who choose to work with me 1:1)

Follow the course guidance and you’ll emerge with…

  • A minimum of three chapters of your book
  • A book proposal for your book (for those interested in exploring securing a publisher)
  • A marketing plan tailored to your book
  • Awakened to your thought leadership – the stuff you are expert at, which should form the crux of your marketing (where relevant)
  • A sense of feeling more deeply connected to yourself and to life

        How does it work?

You’ll need to commit a minimum of 6 hours per month to join me during the programme:

2 hours for the session and 4 hours of writing time – (a little more for those who choose to work with me 1:1)

Session schedule:

21st September/October/November 2022

Plus 5 hours of Complimentary Bonus trainings included for all course members:

Your Journey – Your Message with Jessica Huie

How to speak your truth without diluting your message with Jessica Huie & Yemi Penn

How to start writing your book with Jessica Huie & Siobhan Curham

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The Investment

Bigger Than A Book Course £1800 + VAT

Or three monthly payments of £695 + VAT

Meet Your Host

Jessica Huie

Jessica Huie MBE is an entrepreneur and the Author of PURPOSE, Find your truth and embrace your calling published by Hay House. Jessica enjoyed a glittering career as a journalist and publicist, and has worked with some of the world’s biggest stars and business people, including Kelly Rowland, Samuel L. Jackson, Hilary Devey & Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

Twelve years ago Jessica launched Color Blind Cards, a multi-award winning multicultural greeting card company which drove an early conversation around the importance of ethnic representation in retail and became the first independent brand to secure a high-street presence in Britain for cards featuring people of colour.