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Embrace Your  Calling

Start living your purpose.

Powerfully own and communicate your soul message & story.

Embrace visibility & amplify your impact.

Become the light you wish to see in the world with visibility as your vehicle.


Live Your Purpose

My online self study programme.

Designed to positively disrupt your life…


How do you want your life to feel? 

What do you deeply desire?

And Is the life you are living in alignment with that truth?


Adrienne White

“Jessica was an absolute pleasure to have speak at our Purpose event. Every word spoken comes from such an honest and authentic place that the room couldn’t help but be lifted by a warm glow and more positive outlook.”

Adrienne White, Executive, Grant Thornton LLP

Anna Wille

“It was a pivotal moment in my life. Thank you. Old skins were shed. Vibrations were raised. Thanks for your amazing guidance.”

Anna Willie, Love Live Lead

Martin Nirsimloo

“Jessica was an invaluable source of energy, commitment and support and made an important educational, entrepreneurial and community footprint that over the past decade lives through those young people.”

Martin Nirsimloo Principal, City Gateway College

Karen Protheroe

“Your talk was amazing…you rocked Ignite! Such an amazing vibe.”

Karen Protheroe

Sandra Donskyte

“Fantastic value packed talk, she’s a true PR legend and also truly warm, genuine, caring and down to earth. Leaving with clarity and an action plan!”

Sandra Donskyte

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