How to Transform Your Life by Asking Why…

Why, is one of those magical words which has the ability to completely alter the direction of and transform our lives.

The gatekeeper to our expanse, if we are bold enough to ask its question, then we can begin to unlock an abundance of wisdom and truth about who we are and why our lives are the way that they are.

Whether it’s why we are still single, why our career isn’t making us happy, why we live pay cheque to pay cheque or why despite our best intentions, we can’t seem to get to the gym more than once every three weeks, a little scraping at the surface of any one of these situations will reveal the true root of what’s really going on with us. Which is great. Because it means that once we are confronted with the truth about why we are not where we want to be, we can either step up to the challenge of overcoming the blind-spot, or retreat back into low frequency, mediocre unconscious living.

That might sound harsh, but it’s tough love talk. I want my friends to lovingly call me out when they see me behave in a way which is anything less than the greatest, highest version of the woman that I truly am beneath the layers of baggage we all pick up throughout our lives. Sometimes they do, and sometimes it takes a minute for me to appreciate their honesty because it’s confronting, uncomfortable and our egos hate being wrong – but the better and truest part of me is humbled and reset by their honesty.

There is so much that we can learn from ourselves if we slow down long enough to listen. Blind spots which we miss because over time, our norms become our habits and in the flurry of day to day living, stepping outside of our lives and questioning our habits and ways of being can evade us.

For years I fell asleep and woke up with clenched fists, as though I were heading into a boxing ring ready to defend myself. It took a former boyfriend to make me aware of what my hands were doing as it was such an automatic, unconscious motion that I was oblivious.

It took me a long time to ask why in the safety of my bed, I clenched my fists before relaxing into slumber. And yet I could have learnt so much about how I was living my life way beyond my bedroom, purely from what my hands were doing.

Then there are the bigger signs. The patterns that we repeat over and over which show up in our lives with a new set of circumstances. I blogged here https://www.jessicahuie.com/make-project-3-things-ive-realised-relationship-money-holding-back/ about how my relationship with money showed up year after year on my annual new year ‘To Do’ list. I was good at making it, but rubbish at holding on to it and making it work for me.  I had to get proactive about tackling this blind-spot head on, so I’ve hired a coach to make me accountable in addressing this habit because I am dead serious about crossing this disempowering challenge of my list.

If we want to become the most elevated versions of ourselves and enjoy lives which are rich with meaning, then we must be willing to peel back our layers of habitual unconscious being, and get very honest about our behaviours and all that doesn’t serve us.

It is often uncomfortable, but the reward for disrupting a life in which the outcome would otherwise be more of the present set of circumstances which you are experiencing today, is a life of your greatest, most fulfilling design.








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