The President of the United States has inspired me this morning and I am now buzzing with the expanse of possibilities!

I watched some media footage on the latest around the #shitholecountry saga and was reminded of the ignorance being pumped through the world’s collective consciousness, and it brought me to tears.
Emotion is the gateway to the soul, and with immediacy I felt a burst of inspiration. I had already decided that this summer I would take my six year old son to Jamaica for a different kind of trip to the white sands and water-slide holidays he is accustomed to. He will attend school as I did, visit his Great grand-parents tombstones, walk across the bridge his Great, Great Grand-father built and visit Maroon town where together we will exchange reading history, for feeling it come alive.

The majority of the original Jamaican Maroons were either African or enslaved Taino people who escaped, or were set free by the Spanish at the time of the British capture of Jamaica in 1655. Thereafter their numbers increased as enslaved people escaping from the sugar plantations joined the settlements.

Now six years old and already impressionable, as the innocence of his early years begins to be replaced by this human desire to confirm to the norms of his social peers, groups and ideologies, this is the year that I will up the ante on soaking my precious little sponge with insight and pride in his lineage, and exposure to truth and love in a deeper sense.
Hearing Trump deride African countries in favour of “countries like Norway” provided the soil for a wondrous idea seed to grow…

From Jamaica I will take Jensen to Ghana this Summer. We will go deeper in our adventure, further back, and we will learn together and fill in the gaps which are like gaping caveats in my own knowledge of our ancestry.

In Ghana we will blast out any possibility of the ‘single story’ taking shape in my son’s mind. He is young enough to arrive without too much preconception on his first visit to Africa, and will fall in love with Ghana’s different facets on his own terms. He will go to school for a fortnight and we will give him an education on the profound link between the Caribbean island he knows and loves, and Ghana, from which so many Jamaicans are descendants. Not separate at all, one.

The opportunity I believe, of living in an age where separation, judgement and hatred has such a huge platform to have its voice heard, is that our own hands are forced.

Are we to stand passively and allow the indoctrination to seep into the consciousness of our children? Or will we let it motivate us into action – becoming hungry for exploration into our innate connectivity. A connectivity which links us all – much more profound, and regardless of the colour of our skin. After the retweets will we stand accountable for the messaging and exposure which shapes our children?

In a life of much to do, I am grateful today for the ignorance which spurred me into what will be a rich summer for my son. He will emerge from his experience an even greater young man and the light of his own adventure and truth will shape the lens through which he looks out into the world, and at himself. This is our individual power to paint the world in hues of our own derision.

We’d be delighted to have friends join us on our Jamaica/Ghana adventure this year!  Lets transmute ignorance into action, power and light. Happy Weekend x