I don’t subscribe to the title of feminist.

(Hits ‘post’ and hides under covers.)

Yes I absolutely stand and believe in equality for all people, but I don’t want the label.

It is my experience, that in identifying oneself as part of any group or belief system, there come conditions. And I’m exhausted from the kind of belonging and inclusion that is conditional…

I want freedom, and I can only speak for me personally when I say that it is in the laying down of titles and opting out of boxes – and the imposed expectations of apt behaviours or perspectives, that I increasingly find it.

I feel a deep honour for the women whose feminist movement decades ago created the clearing for where I stand, and respect for anybody and everybody today who stands for the upholding of any cause or plight which is about the betterment of the whole.

But in a society where we are reared to conform and take our place in a pecking order dictated by socio economic class, ethnicity and gender, in opting out of that machine to create our own reality, I’m much more comfortable letting my values and the actions they inspire, communicate what I stand for.

Not another title with parameters and sides within which I cannot be truly free to be me. (Day 2 of my cycle, my truth speaker is out to play. It’s liberating, come hang out 😄)