I’ve Found My Purpose

I’ve realised something recently. A critical piece of my purpose.

It’s not just sharing the insights from my new book which I feel called to do – but  spreading them where they are needed most.

The self-help and mind, body, spirit world is already awash with people spreading truth which inspires and changes lives, but what has become abundantly clear to me during my stumble into this arena, is that often they preach to the converted.

The middle classes who possess the luxury of the space to ponder their purpose. When you are working two jobs and struggling to put food on the table, self reflection is way on down your list of priorities.

I did not train to be a coach. I did not decide to reinvent myself as a Self-help Author. I evolved here, and after almost two decades of a struggle within my self, Today, for the most part I have peace –  thanks to a shift in consciousness which has transformed my life. I know for sure that I am held by a higher power.

I haven’t seen any unicorns ? (though I would very much like to) and every day is far from a tree hugging one (appealing though it is) but I experience joy and a connection and support from our higher power which came as the most incredible relief in my life after so many years of feeling that the outcomes in my life rested on my weary shoulders.

The love and support of that limitless resource is for all of us. Yet the message isn’t filtering through to where it is most needed.

I feel the pain of others as though it were my own, and it’s all around me. It’s present in the community I stem from and the people I love. An internal battle which means that even if you manage to supersede the obstacles and manage to climb the stairs to serenity and a better life, you don’t feel you belong up there and so you sabotage your ascent.

A struggle which means that perhaps you were born into a culture of not belonging, to parents who didn’t belong, whose parents were deemed inferior, whose parents were enslaved. And if your skin was darker you were less than, and if your skin was fairer you were seen as premium property – but property nonetheless….

A suffering which means that perhaps you were born into an environment of disadvantage, where you were conditioned to the notion that abundance is something which happens to other people. A pain which stems from ideologies which have taught us that we are different, inferior or superior to others. A belief system which isolates and disconnects us from oneness – our truth.

Question what we have been conditioned to believe

And we all inherited this and now we must unpick it. Unpick it so that we can look objectively at what we have been conditioned to believe about who we are, and cease unconsciously transferring it to our babies.

All of us. Black, white, green and everything in between, unpick this false notion that we are different and divided.

Unpick it so that we can be free of identification of ourselves as labels, job titles and cliques to see ourselves for the pure connected souls that we are – and begin to see straight into the pure souls of others.

Unpick it so that with the fallacy of difference and division, separation can cease and liberation and connection can take its place.

I want to talk about purpose to the me feeling hopeless twenty years ago on the 15th floor who had never seen a Self-help book.

I also want to talk to the leaders in corporations and institutions who think that initiatives and quotas can drive change without the consciousness shift so necessary in order for a true evolution in culture to be sustainable. Not because they are cold or disingenuous, but because they are as disconnected from their true divine selves as the kids filling up Feltham young offender’s institute.

As a woman now blessed with the privilege of space, I look back at my life and understand why the pain and struggle was necessary. I recognise the insight and unique perspective on the world which the extremes of my experiences have allowed me. The dots have connected.

What has your life experience been preparing you for? How can you channel the sum of your journey which has made you the person you have become, into your own unique contribution? Step into that, and watch your reason for being right here, right now, open itself up to you in all it’s purposeful splendour.


Photo credit: Pal Hansen


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