Join me for The PURPOSE Spring Retreat 13th–15th March 2020

As the natural world celebrates its own time for rejuvenation, seeds sprout, flowers bloom and so can we. Shed all that no longer serves you to become more of the unlimited being who at your core, you already are.

Join me (and one or two special friends) for a very special Spring retreat at the luxurious Michelin star Lucknam Park Hotel, located in the heart of the English countryside.

Experience a Spring restoration shortly before the Vernal Equinox, which carries us out of Winter and officially eases us into the Spring season. Unfurl from hibernation and stretch into a space for rebirth, renewal and growth.

We’ll spend three days surrounded by 500 acres of natural surroundings and horses, enjoying the stunning heated open air and inside pools and reconnecting with the calling which awaits us.
Connecting with our purpose isn’t just about what we should be doing with our lives – it’s about becoming more of who we already truly are.

Stripped back is where we truly meet ourselves, and we’ll discover tools which enable us to live intentionally and create lives which are abundant, joyful and of the greatest service to ourselves and those around us.

The weekend is all about switching off to switch on and unlocking our inner guidance system and creativity, in order to make our lives intentional master-pieces of our own creation – personally and professionally. 

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