Join me in Jamaica for The PURPOSE Retreat Jan 21st – 27th 2020

Picture colourful cottages shrouded in bougainvillea, roadside stands serving steaming pumpkin soup, and fishermen docking their brightly coloured canoes on endless miles of coral and black sand.

Treasure Beach is in the parish of St Elizabeth – the ‘fruit basket of the island,’ where my father was born and raised. A dreamy place where nature is venerated and despite Jamaica being entrenched deep in my veins, I never tire of it.

So I return year on year, and can’t wait to introduce the island once known as ‘The land of wood and water’ by the indigenous Taino people, to the small group who will experience what is an incredibly spiritual, remarkable place at The PURPOSE Retreat in Jamaica Jan 21st- 27th 2020.

We’ll get in touch with our true purpose. Reconnect with who we are beyond the roles we play in our lives, and unearth the meaningful projects and ways of being that we are ready to breath life into, create and amplify.

Refuel, Restore, Rebirth 

Stripped back is where we truly meet ourselves, and we’ll discover tools which enable us to live intentionally and create lives which are the truest expression of who we truly are.

The week is all about switching off to switch on. Unlocking our inner guidance system and creativity in a spiritually uplifting environment which lends itself beautifully to our coming home to ourselves. It’s going to be incredible and if this speaks to you then I urge you to commit to yourself and join us. More information is here


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