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I sat on the tube a couple of years ago and came across an article about families without permanent homes who’d spend Christmas in 1 room hostels.

It touched my heart. If you’ve read my book PURPOSE you especially know why.

I’d begun working 1:1 with Liv Conlon Founder of The Property Stager. She’d built a commercially successful biz but wanted to use her voice and move beyond just profit into true abundance – that which extends beyond our own pocket and feeds the soul.

I tore the article out. Stuffed into my bag and during our next session, shared the story which told a tale of two cities

It moved Liv too. Her biz was staging homes and these familiies didn’t have one. What could we do?

We went to work on how we might respond to the call of our hearts. Inside out. PR for a new paradigm. 100 Home makeover was born! We’d secure brand partners to donate items for families facing this reality and their hostels would be given an injection of light.

A powerful alliance for her biz – but the idea was born of service.

It came to life in 6 weeks. Between Liv, her mum and I, we got charity partners in London’s Camden and Glasgow to connect us with homeless families. Support from Marks and Spencer and Dunelm and jewellery brand Cat Preston, who said yes to donating product of course. It’s like that when purpose underpins your work. People connect with it. No Facebook ad or funnel can compete with the energy of love.

Let embodying love ALWAYS take precedence in your strategy.

The December day we spent at Camden council, vans rocking up delivering Christmas tress, cushions and candles for the families who came to be gifted, was life-giving.

The newspapers wrote about it – wrote about her. Liv won awards, was invited to visit the PM in her native Scotland.

And it all started with listening to a feeling.

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