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Your brand should be the vehicle which enables you to create your best life and carry out your great work in the world.

I believe business can change the world when lead by individuals who recognise that connection is our most powerful currency – and that serving others is the key to greater commercial success, joy and fulfilment.

We use publicity to spotlight and propel visionary individuals who believe in purpose with profit, into greater awareness, increased reach and transformative results.

Purpose. Positioning. Publicity, Profit

I’ve spent almost 20 years working with some of the world’s biggest names in entertainment, lifestyle and business. Individuals like Samuel L Jackson, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, Dragon’s Den star Hilary Devey, Sir Bob Geldof, Kelly Rowland and many, many more. You can find out more here as well as thousands of individuals who began as completely unknown experts, coaches and consultants – so we know how to raise profiles.

Georgia Green   The Millenial Cake Designer

Before working with Jessica…

“ Even though I was excelling in my career, I felt I had hit a brick wall and needed a boost. Whether that was bringing in more business or just a boost in myself, I felt that speaking to someone with experience could help me rethink my approach to business and explore new possibilities.

I felt that Jessica and the team really understood my beliefs and what I represent. We had a special connection and I genuinely felt that it was Jessica’s best interest to achieve the best for me.  Through working with Jessica, I realised how much I had accomplished on my own and how much potential I had. After 3 months of PR, I had gained excellent publicity and exposure. I really felt there was a buzz in the air and companies started to get in touch to order cakes as well as to find out more about me.”

After working with Jessica…

Today Georgia’s Cakes are becoming as fashionable as some of her star supporters. With her sights firmly set on establishing herself as Britain’s leading lady of baking, Georgia is building an empire, one decadent cupcake at a time.

  • At last count Georgia has accumulated over 90,000 followers via Instagram, launched a YouTube channel and appears on Snapchat via Tastemade every month.
  • Georgia’s Cakes has attracted celebrity fans including Cara Delevingne, Suki Waterhouse and Lorraine Pascale, and has collaborated with brands such as Refinery 29, Cosmopolitan and Lancôme.
  • Georgia’s wedding cakes are now on display in Harrods Food Hall and the recently opened Wedding Gallery in central London.
  • Georgia’s cake making workshops are known to sell out within hours.

“I have worked with a couple of major brands which has meant incredible exposure for me and has also been the start of a whole new direction in my career. I am certain that this would not have come around without the help of Jessica and her team, so I’m forever grateful!”

Is this you?
  • You believe in profit with purpose
  • You want your brand to be a vehicle for achieving your best life
  • You are ready to invest in your brand in order to up-level
  • You are ready to create visibility and partnerships which increase your income
  • You are prepared to go beyond your comfort zone and commit to your dreams with action

Anjula Devi  Chef, Author and Influencer

Before working with Jessica…

“I felt I had no real focus. Jessica made me really understand I had all these strengths as an authoritative and trusted voice who had the charisma to both enthuse and inform people through my knowledge and humour, building a successful commercial business in the process. Jessica helped draw out the heart and soul in my love of cooking and translate it into something tangible. I don’t think I’d have realised this if Jessica had not helped me to breakdown both my business and me as a person.”

What was special about our work together?

“Honesty – Jess and I would have disagreements and this came as a real breath of fresh air, I’d worked with other agencies who were eager to please which frankly bored and didn’t actually help me. She cared enough to fall out with me. I had tried talent management agencies but they were pants!”

After working with Jessica…

Anjula Devi is now the proud author of Spice for Life and has just secured her second book deal.
Aside from running her catering company and classes at the acclaimed Leith’s School of Food & Wine, Anjula has a commercial endorsement deal with one of the UK’s biggest homeware chains, Lakeland called Authentic India. She is a brand Ambassador for TRS foods, and recently secured a contract with a major premiership Football Club.

Amidst a plethora of media coverage about the chef, one article about Anjula which ran in the Daily Mail, was translated into 26 different languages.

“My biggest accomplishment, and what I took away from working with Jessica, was to be myself. She made me realise I was a specialist in my field, original, bold and dynamic. I haven’t looked back since.”

If this sounds like you then I’d love to hear why I should work with you.

Here’s what to expect if you are accepted on to the Four Month Make the Leap programme.

Consultation: Complimentary consultation call

Sessions: Weekly 90 minute Purpose & Positioning video call sessions with Jessica for Month one.

Followed by minimum 3 Months PR & Publicity work by the JHPR team includes;

  • Media coverage – Targeted outreach to journalists and influencers in your sector
  • Events – Speak on panels at the events your audience attend
  • Awards – build your credibility through recognition of awards we nominate you for

Results: If you are ready and willing to prioritise our work, expect amazing results which propel your profile and change your life

Fees: £12k plus VAT payable upfront OR;
Payment Plan: £4k deposit and three instalments of £3,000 plus VAT.


Limited places available.

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Carla Marie Williams  Song writer, Producer, Artist, Influencer

Before working with Jessica…

“I felt unrecognised and demoralised by the lack of recognition in the industry. I couldn’t even get a Wikipedia page despite all of the careers I had contributed to.”

Carla Marie Williams had no online footprint or profile despite having written songs for some of the world’s biggest music stars. Carla had a desire to inspire and enable the next generation of girls to break into the music industry, but no clear plan for how she would achieve this.

After working with Jessica…

“Jessica gave me the confidence to not be scared to be visible. I had always felt that as a songwriter I should be in the background and not be seen or heard. Jessica gave me the confidence to embrace being visible and to take my aspirations and dreams to another level and not be afraid.”

Today Carla Marie Williams is the proud Founder of Girls I Rate, a not for profit which delivers educational programmes such as Arts Academy Weekenders and social events throughout the year. The company is fast being recognised as one of the leading bodies helping to shift the imbalance in gender equality within the creative industries.

The charity has just celebrated its second annual event sponsored by VEVO and supported by PRS and Island Records.

Multi-platinum songwriter Carla is an inspirational role-model to the next generation of female songwriters and continues to write for A-list names including Beyonce, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue and many others.

Now regularly called upon by the BRIT Awards, PRS and the MOBOs for her thought leadership as a voice for women and songwriters in the industry, Carla has become an influencer and is now the proud owner of her very own Wikipedia

What’s changed?

“ I now sit at the table with the decision makers and my voice is heard.”