Make your book dream a reality at The WRITE Retreat 5th-7th May 2020

I remember it clearly. It was 5am on the deadline date which Hay House had set for me to submit PURPOSE. It was cold, crisp and wintry but bright and beautiful. I hit send on the final transcript and the world had never seemed lighter.

The sun beaming through my window and right through me, the very process of writing was in itself, transformational. It changed me.

Writing a book is the most rewarding professional thing I have ever done. And I’ve been blessed to travel to many parts of the world, engage in fascinating conversation and experience more than I ever imagined I could. But writing PURPOSE tops it all.

I met Siobhan at a festival where we were both speakers and I fell in love with her humility and grace, and her commitment to empowering others through writing. I was also blown away by the fact she’d written more than 30 books!!! Legend. I’m beyond delighted that she agreed to partner on The WRITE Retreat as she has many years of experience in helping others to birth their books into the world. Combined with my 20 years experience in creating transformational visibility, we have so much to share!

We’ve created this writing retreat as a way of gifting others with the support to move their pipe dream into a reality. To open up the possibility that writing might transform lives in the way it has transformed ours. To allow the chance for people to create something which can be their own legacy. Ongoing, infinite and a gift which lives beyond them.

Creativity deserves to be honoured as the tool for transformation that it is, and whether you want to write for pleasure, for family, for self or traditional publishing, The Write Retreat offers the space to drop out of your head and into your heart and make your book dream a reality.

We’re committed to sharing the gift of writing with as many people as possible – and in particular with those who wouldn’t typically be able to afford the cost of a writing course. So £50 from the cost of booking your place will enable us to gift a woman or man receiving benefits and/or not currently employed, with a free ticket to a workshop we will run later in the year. 

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