As part of BBC Ideas exploration of how we define success, I enjoyed sharing some of the key insights I’ve gained through my life – both professional and personal so far.

It struck me as a critical topic of conversation, particularly in this time where as a human race we have strayed so far from the fundamental values which used to connect us. This connection to each other, to the earth and of course to ourselves, is in my opinion the root cause of all of the most pressing issues facing our planet and the people who occupy it.

I was one of the many whose ideas about success rested upon external validation. On what I did for a living, on what I owned and on how others perceived me. My own shift from attempting to fit an external ideal to honouring who I am from the inside out, is an ongoing, revelatory often uncomfortable but ultimately liberating journey.

However in a world where we are taught to box ourselves so that we fit, the mere decision to opt out of inherited belief systems and ideologies and reconnect with the self beyond the layers, can only lead to a life of purpose and in my humble opinion and that courage is I believe, the true definition of success.