My Story

Mine is a tale of rewriting my life’s narrative. I was supposed to be statistic on the breadline, but somewhere between becoming a mother at 17 and today, I discovered that circumstances can be superseded. The script can be overhauled and that our lives can are ours to design – if only we can navigate through the limitations of our mind, throw down our baggage and step through fear into possibility.

Being celebrated is wonderful, awards and recognition are pleasant. Tangible nods to the many years of work, the sacrifices made, the shame and uncertainty, the financial hardship. A glassy stamp of approval for the mantle, and I am grateful for the sparkly moments.

My greatest success, however is not having gone from teen mum living temporarily in a London hostel, to travelling the world with a star-studded client roster, making history in the UK high-street and invitations to No. 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace, but my personal development journey. To change the world we first need to change ourselves, and for all the exotic locations I have been fortunate to explore, getting to know my true self continues to be my greatest and most courageous adventure.

A life fuelled by purpose is the only kind worth pursuing, the irony being that when you inject meaning into your life’s work – you can’t help but light up the world. There has never been a greater time than now, to create and live a life which resonates with your truth and unlocks the gifts entirely unique to you – anything less is a compromise.

There is a revolution of women granting themselves permission to embrace their true calling, you’ll recognise them by the light in their eyes and their impact on their world – join us. x