What if life’s secrets were right under our nose?

As I sat writing one evening in India, watching our incredible sun set, a haze of activity broke out beneath my feet.

Hundreds of ants busily arranged in single file formation, on a determined mission somewhere.
I laid down my pencil to observe them and with no timetable or agenda to distract, I watched and I watched and even recorded their journey. Here’s what I learnt about all that’s important in life from watching ants.

Belong – to something that’s bigger and greater than just ourselves. Recognise our place as an intrinsic part of all that is.

Community – The joyous byproduct of our connection to the whole.

Collaboration – No one of us is an island and counteracting the tendency to strive in isolation, creates meaning and fulfilment.

Purpose – A reason for being. A fundamental meaning to it all. Not a destination but a purpose borne out of pure love for our recognition that we are, as Rumi said;

“not just a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean in a drop.”