Now is life

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There is no elusive destination to arrive at. We are already there. This end point is merely a figment of our imaginations. All that is real is today. The now. And yet we plough through each moment and day as though we have an unlimited supply. A bottomless well of time on which we can draw when we please. This belief robs us of joy. Robs us of peace. It skews our entire experience of life. The fallacy of an end point is what grants us an excuse not to live fully NOW. Not to relish each moment and accept it. Meet it exactly where, and as it is. We resist, always in desire of an altered version of our own reality. One which fits the mould of all that we believe it should be. How blind we have been. Every moment is life! Now is life. So take now and let it fill you up entirely, live the hell out of it. The fullest joy, the fullest pain, whatever it is, feel it without fear, lean into it all. Embed your feet like roots into this very moment. For if we will park our wearisome heads and their conveyor belt of thoughts long enough to wake up in the now, we find space. calm. Peace. Bliss sits in the present moment, awaiting our overdue acquaintance with the now.

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