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Finding purpose in your work is not a simple team culture exercise. Living in purpose is a state of being. At work, that means making decisions according to a set of intentional values that line up with what truly matters to us as individuals or organisations. This helps people feel connected and gives our lives and work new meaning.

Prioritising purpose in the workplace requires time and investment, but once you see the far-reaching positive impact it will have on your business, you’ll know it’s worth the commitment. I’m an entrepreneur, bestselling author and former journalist who ran my own influential boutique agency, JHPR, for over a decade. I launched the UK’s first independent Black card brand to secure high-street presence in the UK and was awarded an MBE in 2014. Now, I run retreats and programmes to help people rediscover their purpose and share my insights about the power of purpose with all types of organisations such as Google, EY, Grant Thornton, Virgin Media and Credit Suisse.

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Happy and productive teams are built on a sense of shared values and a feeling of connection. It’s that little bit of magic that brings internal culture alive and keeps your people feeling inspired and engaged. However, to keep your company culture thriving, you must nourish it with new ideas that spark imagination and give your people food for thought.

My keynote speeches are fresh, inclusive and unexpected. They always jolt people out of routine and into the realm of limitless possibility. In the past I’ve shared my thoughts on the power of storytelling, why you’ll need to lead without a mask to be a leader of the future, how to redefine what it means to be successful and why doing less is the key to both productivity and collective sustainability.

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