Live your Purpose

Work with me One-To-One for Transformational Visibility

Live Your Purpose

Hello! I’m delighted you’re interested in having me support you in taking a sacred step into truly living your purpose.

Taking your life and business to the next level using visibility as the vehicle to create the impact you feel called to create in the world. I honour you for saying YES to living your purpose.

Please fill out this short application form so I can check we are going to be the perfect fit for one another and also get insight into exactly how I can best support you in breathing life into your vision.

You can book your clarity call with me at the end of the form.

“Jessica has X-ray vision. She can see the core of you and the essence of your purpose with clarity.
Then, in the most unassuming way, she will gradually nudge you toward it.
Working with Jessica helped me to move toward the freedom I’ve wanted all my life”

Yema Ferreira, Psychotherapist & Author of Reclaiming the African Goddess

* Limited places available *

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