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Whether it’s writing a book, living abroad, starting a business or launching a new career, the people I work with on my programmes are fulfilling their dreams as the most authentic expression of who they are. I call them the Purpose Community, an incredible collective of changemakers who’ve made a commitment to breathe life into their goals and help their people do the same.

However, this isn’t simply a springboard for doing, it’s a space for shedding the layers that prevent us from truly being in a way that allows inspiration to sow the seeds of creation…

self doubt at the door

Whether it’s within my Expect Miracles workshops, during the Purpose Academy or at the Purpose Retreat, over and over, I witness how the communities I nurture are ripe for connection, collaboration and opportunity. Often, these incredible visionaries connect organically when attending my workshops or events, but now I’m bringing them all together in one place so we can all witness the abundance unfold.

Joining the Purpose Community answers your inner calling to shift your consciousness. You’ll be able to envision what’s possible for you in your life and make room for your light to reveal itself so your real self can emerge. Then, you’ll see your life open up in ways you never dared to imagine, while your Purpose Community peers endlessly reflect your magic and project theirs.

Jessica Huie
Jessica Huie

The Power Of Community

Joining the Purpose Community allows you to tap into soul-nourishing connection, creative collaboration, unyielding support and affirming motivation from peers and mentors who share your values. Community is where it’s at because together we’re unstoppable.

Loving Accountability

Realising your dreams is a journey that requires courage, vulnerability and radical honesty with yourself and others. The Purpose Community is a safe space where your fellow members can help you keep your commitments on track, so you can stay focused on creating a life that’s unapologetically your own.

Jessica Huie
Jessica Huie
Jessica Huie
Jessica Huie

Authentic Connection

We take a holistic approach to creating, allocating significant time to cultivate love, friendship and personal growth. As well as an instant audience to share your gifts with, your membership will involve the opportunity for excursions to theatres, restaurant visits and other interesting events for expansion, elevation and joy.

Soul-Nourishing Service

A desire to give back without obligation is at the heart of the Purpose Community. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to take part in volunteering opportunities in the UK, Jamaica and beyond through our Project Light initiative, to get the most out of the community and make a positive impact on the wider world.

Jessica Huie
Jessica Huie

Your Host

Jessica Huie MBE is an entrepreneur and best-selling author, who enjoyed a glittering career as a journalist and publicist, working with some of the world’s biggest names, including Kelly Rowland, Samuel L. Jackson, Hilary Devey and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

Committed to supporting purpose-driven business owners shine a light on their meaningful work, she finds joy in helping others discover what is truly possible when we put our soul into everything we produce.

A space for connection & collaboration

Let’s leave the hard sell behind and bring ourselves back to sharing our gifts, serving others and getting back in sync with our soul’s desires. If you benefit from being around kindred spirits who uplift, embrace and inspire, you belong in the Purpose Community.

The most powerful marketing investment you can make, is in social engagement. More conversations equate to the growth and expansion of your business. Sign up for just £111 per month to cultivate relationships which nourish your soul and build your business!

Your Purpose Community membership includes:

  • ‘Live your Purpose & visibility sessions’ with me, two Tuesdays a month.
  • Twice-monthly enrichment focused on movement, sound healing, breath work and more.
  • Exclusive author readings.
  • Access to a private Facebook group for connecting and collaborating with the Purpose Community.
  • Opportunities to share your gifts with a new and engaged audience.
  • A life that feels congruent and full of new possibilities and pathways

Plus, exclusive access:

  • Pre-sale access to my Masterclasses.
  • Early access to my fabulous in-person events, in the UK and beyond.
  • Regular community link-ups.
  • Opportunities to volunteer your service with my Project Light initiative.

Be part of something bigger

In the space of one year alone my communities have generated...

  • New business opportunities worth over £300,000 through collaborating
  • Speaking opportunities and book deals.
  • A supportive community to navigate life with.
  • A space for joy and self-discovery.


Is the Purpose Community membership a contract?

You’ll start with a six-month commitment, and your membership will renew biannually until you decide otherwise.

How much time will I need to invest?

The Purpose Community is whatever you make it! You’re in total control of how you want to show up, so you can get stuck in with whatever feels aligned.

How can I

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Whether your business is a mighty oak or still a seed of an idea, you’ll blast the roof of what you believe is possible for you and your business expand into greater visibility and your full power.

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