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"A timely call for us to enquire within to find our true purpose in our work and our life."

The Sunday Times

“There are good books and there are great books. The great one’s leave you a little changed, a little different. They even have the power to make you a better person. Jessica Huie’s PURPOSE did just that for me.”

Rachel Pendered

Founder, Media Zoo Ltd

“In a rare, and unparalleled voice of beauty, and grace, Jessica Huie leads us to where true power rests; within. Jessica demonstrates the unique, and life-changing courage it takes to listen and also to act on our soul’s desire. There’s no greater inspiration than the imperative her story offers us; our purpose is to live in alignment with love.”

Meggan Watterson

Author, Mary Magdalene Revealed

“I was moved to tears many times throughout this lightning-rod of a book…but the new, additional chapters just floored me! Jessica generously shares the rigour of her own transformation journey so we can all receive the pure, golden wisdom that is birthed through her. With unguarded emotion, poetry and passion, Purpose shows you how to answer your soul’s deepest calling through healing yourself.”

Sophie Bashford

Author, You are a Goddess

“Purpose is a must read for anyone seeking something more from their life. Down-to-earth and inspiring, Jessica shows us how to follow the niggle and create the life we were born to live.”

Rebecca Campbell

Bestselling Author of Light is the New Black and Rise, Sister Rise

“Truthful and powerful. Jessica courageously opens up in a way which allows the reader to experience her enlightenment and reflect on their own in doing so. A must read for anyone seeking purpose in their life.”

Fuse ODG

“Jessica’s raw and honest style of writing about her struggles and spiritual journey is gripping, relatable and moving.”

Vex King

Author, Good Vibes, Good Life

“Jessica’s journey to finding purpose has been one of huge inspiration and joy. Once you read her story and understand her approach to life, you are left feeling refreshed, rebuilt and ready to take on the world.”


Grammy Award-Winning Artist

“I love the book and I adore Jessica. I cried three times reading it! It’s really brilliant and I completely resonated with her message.”

Suzy Greaves

Editor-in-Chief, Psychologies

“Purpose reads like an engaging novel. Within these pages are so many individual lessons. As readers, we can all see ourselves in Jessica Huie’s experiences. We read them as our own, and in so doing, we get the meaning in the lesson. This book is ultimately a journey back to ourselves, and through finding ourselves, we find our true purpose.”

Dr. David R. Hamilton PHD

Author of 10 books including: The Five Side Effects of Kindness

“An arresting memoir that will inspire anyone looking to smash through ceilings. Jessica’s spirit, tenacity and heart leaps off the page.”

Sophie Scott

Editor, Balance Magazine

“A beautiful, touching book and timely invitation to us all to free ourselves from the masks, and to speak and live our truth.”

Ali Bastian