Quit hiding and be visible

There is a power in visibility. I talk about it in my PR workshops and explain the magic which happens when you quit hiding behind your website or brand and introduce the woman or man behind your business to your audience. We all know that people buy people and in a crowded marketplace there is every likelihood that it is you that makes your product or service different, not the features of your offering. Research has shown that today’s consumers wants to know more about the values and motivation of the brands they buy from, its no longer enough to have an amazing product customers want to know what makes you tick.

PR is an incredible tool in creating visibility through media coverage and profile building, and I’m passionate about it because there are some incredible businesses doing amazing work whose existence makes the world a better, more beautiful, more effective place, and I love being a part of the machine that means you get to read about them in your Sunday paper or watch them on breakfast TV.

There is however another level to the power of visibility, and it’s the very reason I started this blog. We hear the stories of millions made and records broken and we are inspired by the achievements, but we generally don’t get an insight into the personal sacrifice it took for those individuals to realise their success. We don’t get to hear about the money they lost, the ideas which failed, the mental breakdown they fought back from or the impact of that pressure on their family relationships. The real essence of what makes a person amazing is not their achievements but what they conquered in achieving, and the more we understand about their personal journey the more we can identify with and emulate their brilliance knowing the tough times are just part of the rollercoaster.

It can be scary to take off the mask we wear every day in life, to quit pretending everything is perfect and make ourselves vulnerable by telling it like it is, but true visibility is about being courageous enough to tell your real story knowing that when we do, we’re empowering others in the process.

Having become a mum as a teenager for over a decade I was on a mission to achieve as much as humanly possible, prove the naysayers who’d predicted a life of mediocrity wrong, and prove to myself that I was enough. But despite achieving beyond my own expectations, I still felt empty and it was never enough to fulfil me. It wasn’t until I began to share what had really been going on as I built my life, and I saw that others were moved and inspired that I found my real purpose.
The real power of visibility brings rewards that go way beyond anything commercial, it brings freedom and the feeling that you are contributing to others by giving a piece of yourself away to be shared. It feels wonderful, builds trust because you have nothing to hide and is the perfect space from which to build relationships – personal or in business. It’s all to gain, so here’s to visibility and all the magic that comes with it!


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