Sometimes you have to break your own heart in pursuit of your truth

‘Sometimes you have to break your own heart in pursuit of your truth, ’I wrote in PURPOSE, and my 2019 affirmed.

It strikes me that this is a fundamental gospel which must come into play over and over in our lives, if we are to continue to expand and truly live.✨

The thing with ‘breaking your own heart,’ is that it’s not as tragic as it might first sound to be. Rather it’s a toppling and dismantling of non truths and any belief, ideology, relationship or circumstance that is not built on and woven in love alone. It’s a releasing, a letting go of that which we know we are holding on to because of a fear of who we might be – or who we might not be, without it.✨

And though it sounds poetic,the reality is real. It can be painful, vulnerable, confronting. And yet this is where the courage that clothes the deepest love will cloak and carry us – if we’ll allow it.✨

Carry us into the un-promised and yet sacred space in between, and it is here. Having relinquished control, that we sink into feeling the unfelt. Facing the unfaced, being with truth. It is here, on wintry nights in the company of moonlight alone, that we change.✨

We ascend. We return, and miracles occur.⁣⁣ 


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