The best £1.11 you’ll ever spend

I have the perfect Wednesday random act of kindness for you in support of this woman Ghino who is a lighthouse.

She’s been pointing the way to alternative paths which enable people to thrive, for over twenty years.

Whether it’s teenaged boys from the West London background we share, or healing modalities for woman around the world who need them most, she’s an angel.

We met delivering our Tedxtalks. Hers ‘When youth workers make all the difference,’ mine ‘How feeling your feelings will radically change the world’. Different but same. Love at the core of the message.

Ghino and her biz partner Veronica launched yesterday. Its mission? To democratise wellness.

Many of us are fortunate to have the resource to support our holistic health, Oracle and Sage is giving us the opportunity to support the healing journeys or women in more challenging financial circumstances, so they too might benefit from the wealth of goodness available through non pharmaceutical modalities, for as little as £1.11 each month.

“When you light the paths for others, they light the paths for those behind them,” says Ghino in her Ted talk. And that’s a truth.

For £1.11 each month we can be part of something that goes straight to the people that need it most. You’ll find more information here.

Super easy to sign up.


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