Starts in September 2022.

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What’s included?


    • Fortnightly 2 hour group publicist coaching sessions with Jessica for duration of eight month programme & access to Inner Circle Facebook group (worth £19,000)
    • Training videos to support the coaching on exactly how to create & launch a campaign which creates authentic visibility and influence for your business & positively impacts the world (worth £4,000)
    • Guest Interviews and expert coaching sessions from creative, publishing and media industry experts on how to become a thought leader in your field (worth £10,000)
    • ‘Pitch to the press’ zoom workshops  with National Magazine and TV journalists, Podcast & Event producers looking for speakers with depth to feature. Learn how to use your voice to get on TV (worth £5,000)
    • Interviews with Jessica’s previous clients for insight into their success and the impact of having overcome fear and found their voice through this work (Invaluable!)
    • Press and speaking opportunities which ‘Transformers’ can sign up for instantly as you work towards being paid to speak (Sky’s the limit)
    • Access to Press and media contacts included in investment. Learn how to craft and pitch a Ted x Talk (Worth £3,000)
    • Templates for creating your own press kit (press releases, biog) (Worth £750)
    • Connection to a community of women of depth, intent on transforming their life & business through visibility – a group ripe for powerful collaboration (Invaluable)
    • Support in launching and orchestrating your own unique Transformational Visibility life changing business campaign or project from start to finish (Worth £28,000)
    • Bonus modules (worth £6,000) include:
         How to Start Writing Your Book

         The Secret to Building Your Email List
         How to Monetise Your Podcast
         Unleash Your Power – Working with Your Cycle
         How to Intuitively Price Your Service

***VIP Members get Jessica in your back pocket. Access to her all of the time via voxer for one to one support during working hours. Priceless ***

Who is this programme for?

I’m inviting women who are self-starters but need the support, tools and network to consistently and commitedly get their amazing work into the mainstream media, broaden their audience, amplify their message and own their position of influence as an expert in their field. 


  • Women who are already selling their product or service, but know that there is more they are here to contribute. Women ready to say Yes to being seen in the press. Yes to calling in raving fans. And Yes to growing a community
  • Women ready to embrace the ultimate act of self love, by making a financial and time commitment to honour their calling and allow themselves and their gifts to be seen in the world 
  • Women with a purpose driven business which the world needs to know about! Consultants, Change-Makers, Coaches, Healers, Entrepreneurs this is for you
  • Women who are ready to cease hiding, embrace visibility and create impact in their own life and the lives of others. Step out of the shadows in 2021 to live bigger! 
  • Women ready to lean into their calling and commit to amplifying their
    impact in the world, realising their full potential – and the infinite possibilities for their life
    and legacy.

Can you tell me more about the content within the programme?

  • A Messaging Deep Dive – your message only more powerful. Without dilution or sensationalism. Speak so that your words connect, compel and create engagement with ideal clients and customers
  • Live on Purpose – What’s the gap between the life you desire and the impact you want to have, and your current existence? How can your business more deeply serve your values and purpose in the world. Creating a plan to close the gap
  • The Power of Storytelling Connection as our most powerful currency. How, when and where to share it with impact and boundaries
  • Campaign/project Creation – This is the doing part where you take your learning and new insights and plunge it into creating and activating a project which aligns with your values and enables you to create the value and impact both for yourself and others which you desire in your life. With your hand held throughout the process and full support in terms of contacts and direction, you’ll implement a life changing project or campaign complete with support in securing venues and key partners Public Speaking Training – to speak from the heart and exclusive invitations to use that learning at public events like Ted X etc
  • Thought Leadership Content Creation – The gems of insight, wisdom and inspiration downloaded and bottled so they might be shared with the world. Your journey is your message, and you’ll embody that, take ownership of it and share it as you are called to 
  • Fear of Selling Workshops – How to keep integrity at the heart of our work whilst honouring and owning our right to create material success and financial security 
  • Embracing Social Media – and building an audience authentically

And much more…

By the end of our time together in the programme, You’ll have acquired the tools and confidence to pitch yourself to the whole spectrum of the mainstream media and be seen in publications like  Red Magazine, Psychologies, Forbes and the National Newspapers and TV shows like Sky News, Good Morning Britain and Channel 4 News like my past clients….

“So much has changed since working with Jess, my profile has absolutely skyrocketed. I often hear ‘you are everywhere!’ I secured coverage in national news, radio & TV, won awards, secured many more speaking events and have continued the 100 Home initiative we created together which makes a difference in the lives of so many.”

Liv Conlon

Meet your host

Entrepreneur, Author and founder of JHPR, Jessica Huie MBE has enjoyed a glittering career as a journalist and publicist and has worked with some of the world’s biggest stars and business people, including Samuel L. Jackson, Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland & Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle.

Committed to supporting purpose-driven small and micro business owners to embrace their visibility and in turn shine a light on their meaningful work, she finds joy in supporting others to build their purpose driven businesses and discover what is truly possible when we put our soul into our work.

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