These Autumn Nights

Nights like this are made for stillness, there is magic in the air.

Can you enter into the silence, without distraction, meet what’s there?✨

These autumn nights hold magic and if we could only see,

That everything we’re looking for awaits our choice to be.✨

Are you brave enough to find out what remains beneath the noise?

Without the stuff that holds us up can you still retain your poise?✨

Can you enter into solitude and just stand there in the void?

Or must you keep on doing, consuming, planning to avoid…✨

Nights like this hold power and its gift it wants to share,

So come let’s park our doing for I’d love to meet you there.✨

For in that space of silence awaits all that’s real and true,

And the beauty is there’s nothing for us to understand or do.✨

But enter into the silence and lay down our heavy tools,

It’s a place devoid of separation, hierarchy, yearning or rules.

These autumn nights are magic can you feel it in the air?✨

A time for turning inward so if you want me, meet me there.


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