We all have a Beyonce track inside of us…

We all have a Beyonce track inside of us…

I remember sitting down with Carla in a cafe in Notting Hill. She was a force of a woman even then, but a frustrated force.

She’d written songs for everyone from Kylie Minogue to Beyonce (‘Runnin, runnin’ running, can’t keep runnin’ from myself no more!’) & yet she felt voiceless. “I feel unrecognised and demoralised by the lack of recognition in the industry” she’s said. She couldn’t even get a Wikipedia page despite all of the careers she had contributed to.

Carla had come to me to explore whether I could help her change that… and change it we did.
We spent about 3 hours together that morning. Her grit & heart inspired me. Delving into her childhood growing up in North West London & learning more about this North Wheezy girl who’d worked her ass off in multiple jobs before getting to the stage she was writing hits for superstars. And yet there was more for, and to Carla than an invisible talent behind musical legends.  

As she shared her frustration at the inequalities entrenched in the music industry (and the world) Carla transformed before my eyes from a song writer to a change maker with a purpose far bigger than a billboard chart hit.  

This was a woman whose bubbling dissatisfaction at her unheard voice, had lead her to take action and sit opposite me in the hope of doing something differently.  

And as she spoke, the infinite possibilities for her own career, life and impact in the world played out in my mind’s eye.

Girls I Rate was Carla’s idea. Then just a seed. A Not for Profit delivering educational initiatives to girls which would shift the gender inequality within the creative industries. We started small. A trip to her local school where she delivered a talk about her career thus far. An article in her local NW London newspaper. It grew from there. Partners she could bring in to strengthen the GIR proposition were identified. Ambassadors. Content. Media coverage. Her voice on panels. And like anything driven from the heart, the confidence to execute, focus and a significant dose of action, this seed of an idea with her focus on service, blossomed into the elephant it was always supposed to be.  

The real beauty though, is that so did she.  

But the joy, is that even when Carla signed a global publishing deal in 2018. When she sits at tables like The BRIT Awards, PRS or Music Week. When she appeared on my TV screen at prime time last year with Simon Cowell as part of his judging team. And as a black woman from what was once the rough part of London Town, uses her voice for the collective progress of girls every where, I keep winning. This is the gift of my own purpose.  

To see in others what others once saw in me before I could. MORE. The Beyonce song contained in every single one of us. And that’s everything.

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