Finding Your Purpose

“Aren’t the next generation all a bit bogged down with worrying about purpose? Surely sometimes you just need to be able to get out of bed and get to work!” The interviewer asked me.

And therein lies the vital clue as to what distinguishes those of us on our path, to those of us facing a gap between the life that we are living, and the person that we truly are.

When you live in your truth, when your life is powered by meaning, your purpose isn’t just another ‘thing’ to think about, it’s the essence of what you are about and who you are. Purpose shifts your life and the responsibilities within it, from being something that you have to do, to something that you need and really want to do.

Meaning, transforms life from being a reactive Groundhog Day, to an adventure.

Like all adventures there are periods of euphoria, excitement and satisfaction, along with moments of fear and uncertainty where courage is required in order to continue with the journey. The greatest adventures require us to face our fears, but that’s exactly why we champion the hero who persists to triumph at the need of the film. Life is no different.

During the live radio interview, I had this moment of clarity while the interviewer questioned me, and that was just what a different language we were speaking. We were both using English yes, and our sentences were constructed similarly, but while the language was the same, we were communicating from two entirely different paradigms.

Purpose isn’t a trend and an add-on to the self care ‘movement.’ It’s not another thing to ‘do,’ It’s not available in Lulu Lemon and can’t be burnt in a candle or bought in Whole Foods.

“What is your purpose?” She asked me….

Our purpose evolves. But right now it is to reacquaint and reconnect with myself to such a degree that I am available to receive all of the guidance that I need, in order to live my life in a manner which is the truest expression of who I am. Sharing that as an author and guiding other women to visibly shine their own light, is the practical way I’m currently called to express that.

You don’t need to know your purpose right now, but it’s a really good idea to get to know who you are. And when you start to relearn you by stripping back the layers of identity dictated by our career and roles over the years, purpose (and a whole lot more) will become clear and fall into place.

And when it gets uncomfortable – for no escapade is complete without difficult terrain to navigate, remember that it’s an adventure, and the rewards will be beyond anything you can imagine.


You can find out more about my book PURPOSE, Find your truth and embrace your calling here, https://www.jessicahuie.com/book/



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