Who do you want to be when you grow up?

Society has it inside out.

Our career or job should be a wondrous by-product of our lives – not the definition. And yet we ask our children, as we were once asked ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ early. Ingraining this idea that to become something is their most pressing goal, into them early on.

Let’s break this cycle.

Let’s raise a generation asking them ‘Who do you want to become?’ not when you grow up, but today. In this very moment. All the while watching closely for who they already are.

Let’s support our babies in realising their power to shape their character through the choice of discernment with their thoughts and words. And in shaping their person, give them this most precious gift – the knowledge that these choices will shape their lives.

Let’s stop teaching our children as we were taught, that the sum of their value lies in their status, bank balance, job title. Let’s teach them that it is who they can be for the world which is true success. Not just from some lofty, philosophical moral standpoint, but because when we are of service to others we experience true joy. We activate our innate connection to one another and feel what it really means to be alive. We realise our purpose.

Let’s create opportunities for them to feel this for themselves and sew the seed early.

Because the beauty, is that when we focus on who we want to be, what we become will be shaped and inspired from the inside out. A personally crafted, intentional life blossoming into creation. Not one produced from external validation and our outdated, inherited ideas about the very point of our existence.