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Purpose, Find Your Truth and Embrace Your Calling published by Hayhouse, is Jessica’s first book. This book is for those ready to step into the greatest version of themselves. It’s for the women ready to call out what is holding them back, embark on a wondrous journey of self-discovery and blow the roof of the possibilities for their life.

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Bulldoze Through Your Blocks and Get Paid Through Your Passion

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Discover how to master blogging and social media, build an authentic personal brand, write a book and get it published, overcome a confidence crisis and stand out in a crowded market! Jessica and leading lifestyle/parenting blogger Vicki Psarias ‘Honest Mum’ share their own journeys, whilst inviting a feisty panel of some the UK’s most accomplished women to impart their experience. Learn from Jo Morrell, co-founder of The Pool and former MD of Bauer Publishing, Natasha Courtenay-Smith journalist and author of ‘The Million Pound Blog’ and publishing guru, Alison Jones.

The panel explains how to turn your passion into cash, do what you love and work on your own terms!

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Possibilities beyond our line of vision

Oh what a difference a year makes…the last twelve months have seen me become Alice, transported into something of a wonderland. This time last year my life was almost completely different. Of course there are remnants which have remained consistent (the kids look...

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Corporates Find Their Voice

In recent months I developed diversity fatigue. The topic which for me is frustratingly obvious in its necessity, had become weighted by jargon, buzzwords and an ever burgeoning industry which attempted to capitalise on its cause. Apparently I’m not the only one....

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Our Watershed Moment In Time

Brilliant article by Susan Riley in Stylist magazine this week on the fact that five years after Sheryl Sandberg started a conversation about women leaning in, the forward motion has reversed with many of us reclining all together, kicking off our shoes and grabbing a...

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