Purpose, Find Your Truth and Embrace Your Calling published by Hayhouse, is Jessica’s first book. This book is for those ready to step into the greatest version of themselves. It’s for the women ready to call out what is holding them back, embark on a wondrous journey of self-discovery and blow the roof of the possibilities for their life.

A call to leap into your next chapter
Purpose: Find your truth and embrace your calling

“Jessica's book is a timely call for us to enquire within to find our true purpose in our work and our lives. With unflinching honesty, Jessica charts her own journey to her life's purpose in what is a hugely relatable read.”

Fleur Britten, Sunday Times Style

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Jessica’s journey to finding purpose has been one of huge inspiration and joy. Once you read her story and understand her approach to life, you are left feeling refreshed, rebuilt and ready to take on the world.



“ An inspirational story of one woman’s journey of heartache and emotional pain as she confronts the death of her loving father and her ensuing grief, using it as a catalyst for self-discovery, spiritual awakening and remembering her soul’s purpose. A compelling story, this book leaves the reader with hope as her sadness is transmuted into healing as she steps into a brighter future.

Anita Moorjani

New York Times Bestselling Author of 'Dying To Be Me' and 'What If This Is Heaven?'

I love the book and I adore Jessica. I cried three times reading it! It’s really brilliant and I completely resonated with her message.

Suzy Greaves

Editor-in-Chief, Psychologies

Purpose reads like an engaging novel. Within these pages are so many individual lessons. As readers, we can all see ourselves in Jessica Huie’s experiences. We read them as our own, and in so doing, we get the meaning in the lesson. This book is ultimately a journey back to ourselves, and through finding ourselves, we find our true purpose.

David R. Hammilton PHD

Author of 9 books including 'The Five Side Effects of Kindness'

Purpose is a must read for anyone seeking something more from their life. Down to earth and inspiring, Jessica shows us how to follow the niggle and create the life we were born to live.

Rebecca Campbell

Bestselling author of 'Light Is The New Black' and 'Rise Sister Rise'

An arresting memoir that will inspire anyone looking to smash through ceilings. Jessica’s spirit, tenacity and heart leaps off the page.

Sophie Scott

Editor, Balance Magazine

Jessica Huie’s journey to self and purpose is perfection. Heartwarming and honest.

Nia Long


Truthful and powerful. Jessica courageously opens up in a way which allows the reader to experience her enlightenment and re ect on their own in doing so. A must read for anyone seeking purpose in their life.

Fuse ODG


A beautiful, touching book and timely invitation to us all to free ourselves from the masks, and to speak and live our truth.

Ali Bastian


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