liv conlon

“So much has changed since working with Jess, my profile has absolutely skyrocketed. I secured coverage in national news, radio & TV, won more awards & secured many more speaking events.”

Liv Conlon – Entrepreneur

nicole barton

"Working with Jess offers a beautiful reflection of who you really are, and a shedding of who you aren’t. She helps you see the person you knew you always were, but couldn’t quite figure out how to voice it to the world.”

Nicole Barton – Life Mentor

yemi penn

“I’m so grateful for the work you’ve done with me. Guiding my book chapters. Putting words to my story and message that hold so much power, but most of all believing in me.”

Yemi Penn – Entrepreneur

rebecca harrison

“Jessica is completely focused on helping others voice the story that's rooted within. I came away knowing clearly that I can run a business grounded in my values.”

Rebecca Harrison – Rebecca Harrison Designs

yemi penn #2

"Jessica heard me, I mean really heard me. Our sessions liberated the parts of my voice that were blocked. Her approach and skill let me know it was okay to speak and that it was my time. Our work together was a gift.”

Yemi Penn - Entrepreneur, Author, Business Coach

Hi, I’m Jessica.

I help people to share their message, breathe life into their purpose-driven projects and gifts – and share them with the world through transformational visibility.

Whether it’s embracing being seen to reach more of the audience you wish to serve, creating an event/retreat, launching a campaign or creating a proposal to write that book. My twenty years of experience working in media as a publicist, speaker, entrepreneur, mother and Author, have culminated in the gift I have to share.

Create from your soul.

An incredible congruency occurs when we go beyond intellect and create from our soul. It is the alchemic combination of inspiration and strategy that creates momentum and magic.

Embrace visibility authentically. Go beyond words. Shine your light and empower others to shine theirs.

When your work has purpose at its core you don’t need to sell – You just need to show up. I want to support you in doing so.

And as you bravely embrace your unique and divine talents and reason for being on the planet at this distinct moment in time, your life and all that you create within it, will start to flow.

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