If you allow them, your dreams will save your life.

I love The Royal Lancaster hotel overlooking Hyde park. I often stay here when I come to London.

It overlooks the streets I walked down as a child on route to primary school. I can see the park I’d cycle around, lost in dissociative fantasies of fairytale characters I found saviours and home in. Anne of green gables, Max from Where the wild things are (who ultimately befriended and danced with his monsters 🙂

Annie the orphan – rescued by daddy Warbucks.

Years later I walked through this park with my daughter Monet to school. To drop her and race to the office. Once guilty, single mum foot in front of the other, intent on actualising my own real life fairytale of a better tomorrow.

I gaze through the window now and see that truly, I dreamt a whole new reality.

Felt it before it was real, because the prospect of tomorrow was safe and easier to inhabit than my former reality.

Dreaming served me.

Dreams will do that. save your whole damn life if you’ll allow them.

So feel them.

Let them nourish you with blind faith in the promise of their existence.

Cos what I didn’t consciously know then, is that the energy of what we trust is possible, is the realist thing about us.

Our vibration always actualising what comes to pass. More potent than ay challenging circumstance.

We must feel it before we can created it. Dream it into being. Park the resistance of our limited mind and let our spirit chart our path into being.

Until once day you find yourself looking out of a hotel window humbled by the distance you’ve travelled. Spellbound by the view of the streets where as a child like Max, you learned to dance with your monsters.

And marvel at the grace in knowing it was the unchained fire within you that conjured into existence your beautiful tomorrow.

Not daddy Warbucks or a hero on a horse, but the whisper of unbounded freedom and possibility that burned then. Burned now. Will burn forever as the liberation and unlimited potential that will forever, be your truth.

April 20-21 ‘Expect Miracles’ 2 day, 1 night event at The Royal Lancaster, London. Watch this space.


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